Kim and Matt each moved to Southern Nevada as teenagers in 1976 where they attended their local High Schools and earned college degrees at UNLV. In 1980, Kim became a licensed Real Estate professional while Matt began buying investment properties on the courthouse steps with his brother, then "flipping" them for a profit.


On that fateful day in 2003, Kim and Matt met, fell in love and decided to work the Real Estate business together. Kim is the licensed Real Estate professional, carefully guiding buyers, sellers and investors for over 17 years - Many of those early clients are still with her today!  Matt is Kim’s assistant and helps in assessing values, repairs costs, and the marketing of the homes for sellers.

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We all know Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world but did you know that it’s also the sporting and recreation capital of the world?  Yes, you read this right and I will be posting hundreds of videos over the next few years to prove it.

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